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BMW Isetta 300 Rail Taxi

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B.M.W/R.P Morris

4-2-0, Petrol Rail Car

    Original Builder : B.M.W
            Re-Built by : R.P Morris, Longfield, Kent
                     Name : Rail Taxi
                 Reg. No. : UCD 157  
                     Gauge : 1’ 11½”/2ft
                        Built : 1957
                  Re-Built : 1967
Wheel Arrangement : 4-2-0
                    Engine : B.M.W, 295 cc., petrol, single cylinder , 4 stroke
         Transmission : Mechanical, 4 speeds, chain drive to rear wheels
                    Weight : Less than ½ ton
                      Livery : Blue with white flashes

Known History

         1957 : Built as a B.M.W “Isetta” bubble car (no. A10404) in the former London, Brighton & South Coast
                    Railway workshop building at Brighton.
  July 1966 : Acquired by R.P Morris, who duly converted it for rail use at Longfield, Kent
         1968 : Operated on the Leighton Buzzard Light Railway, Beds.
         1969 : Footage of it operating at Leighton Buzzard featured in the I.T.V programme ‘Magpie’
  May 1970 : Operated on the Wychwood Light Railway, near Leamington Spa

Special Features : Cow Catchers, front & rear
                            Full electric lighting
                            Destination boards
                            Twin Tone Horns
                            Sanding Gear

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